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SD card set up after reset

I factory reset a Moto g 3rd gen after the front facing camera suddenly failed - no system or app updates when it happened - just suddenly the button/icon wasn't there in any app, no way to switch from rear camera. After googling (reinstalling camera app, clearing its cache/data, the camera app's and skype's (where I first noticed the front camera has failed) too and trying another camera app nothing, so I went and at a kiosk the suggestion was likely hardware failure but try reset first. A couple of questions:

- After reset it asks to set up the sd card that was in it and was in use before, I guess I have to use the portable storage option not the internal storage option because the internal storage option will reformat the card and erase the stuff on it? 

-Originally when I bought phone and card the card *may* have been set as internal storage, that's irrelevant in this 'second time' set up?

-What happens to sms messages? they are lost after factory reset?! Unlike photos and contacts they were not backed by me, or at least I don't think so.

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Do a backup of your SD card onto your computer first and then try setting it as internal storage if that's the way you believe it was originally set up. If you find out you were wrong just change it to portable storage.

Your sms messages will be gone unless you happened to save them using an app that allows so.
Thanks Allan, I just plugged it in my pc as I saw the email notification of your reply, windows says 'needs to format', but I know pics are on it though, so the thing is I am wondering that the internal storage option that I am presented with now (along with the portable option) says 'requires formatting that prevents it from working with other devices', if I chose that option when I originally added the card two years ago prevents it from use on pc? doesn't make sense to me but is that possible?
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Assuming that internal storage was used originally or was setup at some point thereafter, a factory reset will wipe the contents of the SD card. Selecting internal storage essentially extends your existing device internal storage. Even if you were to remove the card prior to performing a factory reset, the SD card will remain encrypted to the previous system. The card will not be usable in the same device unless you choose to format and select either internal or portable storage again. 

Note: Once the card is formatted for internal storage, the card is not readable by other devices (e.g. another phone, Mac, PC, digital camera).
Thanks, well at least contacts are restored and photos are on google photos. Apps I had very few on this phone, it's not an issue ... but text messages is not good losing them but if they are gone unless somehow I can recover them then it's too late.
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RG wrote:

Thanks, well at least contacts are restored and photos are on google photos. Apps I had very few ...

Unless you backed them up using an app they are gone. In the future I do like SMS Backup and restore It's available on the play store and can be set to an automatic backup schedule. Super useful.
You can use a data recovery software to recover the lost data from your phone. Some tools can help you recover files from SD card, and also fix coruppted files.
After reset all data stored on your phone and SD card gets deleted if it is set up as internal storage. As you have mentioned that you have lost your photos from SD card and if you want to recover them back, then you can use photo recovery software to restore photos from SD card used as internal storage.
The information is provided from: [b]Recovering data from an internal storage formatted SD card