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sd card prblem after jelly bean upgrade

Hello everyone, after working 2 days on the issue, i was finally able to upgrade my samsung s2 sgh-t989d to jelly bean 4.1.2, am rather happy with the result, problem is, am getting notification that the service won't be able until i restart the device and insert the removed sd card. I have no clue what this is about since i didn't touch the sd card neither before or after the upgrade. any ideas what that might be caused by? thanks a lot!

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Try reformatting the SD Card. Stick it in your computer & save your pics, videos, and music on it first.
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The microSD card itself could be defective. Insert the microSD card into your computer or put the S2x into mass storage mode, to determine if the microSD card's data is accessible. In some cases, this error points to a card that has failed, where the OS can no longer read the card in your S2x. Disconnect the device from your computer and power off the S2x. Remove the battery cover and carefully remove the microSD card. Leave the battery cover off and turn the S2x on. When the S2x is at the Home screen, carefully insert the microSD card in its slot. Watch the screen for a message that confirms the SD card has been detected. Re-install battery cover. If that doesn't work and you haven't stored too much data on the S2x after the OS upgrade, perform a factory reset. Go to: Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset - if you scroll a little further down the page, there is an option to format the SD card as well.