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sd card keeps saying unexpected removed

I have a samsung galaxy S2. I uploaded some music to my SD card the other day. Everything was fine. Then yesterday every 5 mins my phone sends me a message saying "SD card unexpectedly removed". Then I have tried rebooting my phone. Took sim card,SD card and battery out. Ive checked the music files,removed and re-added them..not sure what's going on..not even sure it has anything to do with the music or not. Please help!

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More than likely you have a faulty SD card.
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Ahmad wrote:

More than likely you have a faulty SD card.

Agreed, they don't last forever.
Thanks guys 😞
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Keep in mind that like with most things, there's a relationship between price and quality (though price can be high for sub-par products sometimes). Cheap no-name SD cards are a lottery. Most of them have worked just fine for me without failure but others have had wildly different results. If you're not the type of person that makes regular backups of your data, I recommend spending a little more on a better quality card. You should read customer reviews before you make your purchase (they're non-refundable, same model exchange only). Also, make sure that the new card doesn't exceed the supported memory capacity of your phone (32 GB).