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Sd card

After i synced music onto my phone, and put the SD card back into it, it said 'Damaged SD card. You may have to reformat it.' How do i fix that without deleting all my music/photos?

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What phone do you have?
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Probably the easiest way is to make sure you transfer the music/photos to a computer first, then format it and put everything back on. What type of phone do you have?
Samsung galaxy ace
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Yeah you'll want to move it all to your computer first for sure (always better to have it backed up there regardless). I never used that model myself specifically so I don't know if it will just let you move things off the SD card or if you need to enable anything in settings (some Androids require you to do so). Do you get any messages when you plug it into your computer?
also when i tried to transfer everything onto my computer it says i need to format the disc as well
When i went into the SD card on my computer it said the file was corrupted and unreadable. I have no idea how i managed this, but i have had this problem in the past and i ended up losing everything. Don't want to do it again
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hmm if it's saying the whole SD card is corrupted and it doesn't show you anything/let you move anything as far as I know you might be stuck. Hopefully someone else has a solution though!
Alright, thanks for your help anyway
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you should check these guys out if the issue persists http://www.recoverfab.com/index.php they specialize in restoring sd cards and such. It seems like a lot of people have been satisfied with their services and even my brother has tried it and got good results! Hopefully you get everything sorted out 🙂