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My LG Banter phone won't read my SD card, can I bring it to a Koodo center to get it fixed?

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Is your PC able to read it?
Maybe your SD card is broken?
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Did you try already on a different device to see if you get the same result?
If you have a camera that will take an SD card, look in your phone box, or hopefully you tucked the micro to SD card adapter somewhere safe, put the micro into the adapter, and see if you can read the card on your computer using the camera as a reader, unless you are lucky enough to have a SD card reader... In which case, stick it in that. 🙂 Adapter should look similar to this, with the adapter on top and micro sd on the bottom.:

My SD card is fine, it can be read on another phone and on the computer it's just my phone that I really want to get pictures from!
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Hi Danielle, since your phone is most probably out of warranty, we won't be able to fix it. If your pictures are stored in the phone, you could always transfer them using a USB cord 🙂