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Saving voicemails

Hope someone can help. My dad passed away a few months ago and I still have 4 of his last calls to me on my voicemail. I would like to keep them a bit longer and have been re-saving them every 10 days. Is there anyway I can get the voicmails from the phone and save them as a audio file. I have tried using a digital recorder and recording them from my phone via speaker phone but the quality is not good, has anyone else gone through this and found a work around or way to save calls? Your answers are appreciated

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Try an app in your phones app store that will allow you to record a conversation. Call your voicemail, turn on the recorder and listen to the message
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Hey Henry. I'm suggesting this : http://www.voicemailsforever.com/?gclid=CL6CobqisLkCFdFDMgod6jYAaA