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Samsung smart phone GT-S7560M is disconnected from network

My samsung smart phone is apparently disconnected from the network. A look at the Parameter > About Device > Status tab reveals that the network and the mobile network type are both "unknown", while the service state is "out of service" and the mobile network state is "disconnected". Plus, the signal strengh is negative (- 83 dBm 15 asu). Any ideas on how I can regain service? Cheers!

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Well it could have a lot of causes, from being in an area where there is no Telus/Bell coverage, to a suspended account, to not having selected Koodo in your settings, or even to not having a suitable phone or SIM card (where did you get it? did it work before?). Negative signal strength is normal 🙂 Let's start with the first question, does it provide 911 (emergency) service, and if you check your settings, do you see any networks there?
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Adding to Sophia's suggestions, try powering off the phone, remove the battery then the SIM card and leave out for a minute or two. Reinstall the SIM card then the battery and power on your Ace 2x. The messages you are seeing under the Status tab generally mean that there is either no SIM card installed, the SIM card may have been installed incorrectly or may not be making full contact with the contact points under the SIM holder, or the SIM card itself may be malfunctioning. If you're still encountering problems, contact Koodo Customer service from a landline phone at: 1-866-995-6636 and select option 6. Hours of Operation: Monday − Friday: 10am - 9pm Saturday: 9am - 7pm Sunday: 9am - 7pm
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Check also. Settings / Wireless and Networks / More / Mobile Network / USE 2G ONLY or USE GSM ONLY Should be disabled Network selection should be automatic Good luck.
Chad Burr wrote:

Check also. Settings / Wireless and Networks / More / Mobile Network / USE 2G ONLY or USE ...

Thank you very much, your tip worked out. The GSM/WCDMA (AUTOMODE) option must be selected as Koodo/Telus only use the WCDMA interface for the 3G mobile network. My phone must have change settings without my conscent while being carried around in my pocket; smart phones take weird initiatives nowadays!