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Samsung S7 dropping network connection

At random times, my Samsung Galaxy S7 will drop its connection to the Koodo network, both cellular and data. A reboot of the phone fixes the issue. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Phone is fully up to date in regards to firmware. 

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Rather than factory resetting the phone, try resetting network settings instead. Go to: Settings > Backup and reset -scroll down to and tap Reset network settings. This will reset all network settings, including those for Wi-Fi, cellular data and Bluetooth. Tap Reset Settings > Reset Settings. Let us know if this resolves the issue.
Just did this and will give it the weekend to see how it works. Thanks for the quick reply!
I am also having random issue of my Google Pixel XL dropping signal. Randomly maybe 5-6 times a day and more frequently when i am using GPS. What was interesting if i was on on a phone call using GPS the GPS would would flawless - when on LTE it drops and reconnect then drops again. 

I have already had the phone replaced this week because of this issue but it continues to happen. I have the most up to date software updates and have tried using google maps and Waze. I am not sure if i should try a sim swap but it is 2 weeks old.