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Samsung S7 Battery Life Expectancy

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I have a Samsung S7 that is 11 months old.

Originally, when I got the phone during the first month I could go 24 hours on a single charge.

My phone is now 11 months old. My battery charging expectancy has now dropped to 8-10 hours. Its not uncommon to see my battery life decline 10% on average per hour. The back of the phone also gets hot.

What might be the problem with my battery? What should be my next action?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Could be a faulty battery if it's getting hot when it never used to under regular usage. You can send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter to start a warranty process if you want to find out what exactly is wrong.
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It could be a faulty battery, or an app/process constantly running in the background. I would start with backing everything up and then doing a factory reset. If the issue persists after, then it's hardware related. At that point, I would look into warranty repair.
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My second S7 is only a couple of months old and it too gets hot from charging. I suspect that the quick charging adapter is the culprit. The charging adapter itself gets very hot. As a precaution and possible suggestion, switch to a Samsung adapter that doesn't have the quick charge feature. The battery and charger will stay a little cooler while charging and should extend the overall life of the battery.

I agree with all of the recommendations mentioned. A battery losing capacity that quickly is usually a sign that the battery will need to be replaced. You're still within the manufacturers one-year warranty period, may as well take advantage before it runs out. 
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rikkster wrote:

My second S7 is only a couple of months old and it too gets hot from charging. I suspect that the...


There could be many reasons for this but  I am surprised that Samsung's battery would deteriorate so quickly.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if that was iPhone battery. I know some folks that have to charge their batteries on IPhone 3 times a day.  Just leaving their phone on stand-by over night discharge battery totally.