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Samsung S6 - keeping in peak performance


I recently upgraded to the Samsung S6. I really like it so far. I upgraded from the Galaxy Nexus. With the new phone I realized how slow my Nexus (2011) was.

Are there any hints/ tips out there to keep these devices running fast ? I know software updates etc cause things to run slower, especially as the phones ages.
I have gone into a lot of my apps and turned off Push Notifications. I was wondering if I can 'freeze' the version of these apps so that they do not keep getting upgraded which potentially adds more lines of code to each app, and then ends up slowing it down.


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The one thing I typically do is a factory reset at least once a year. it helps delete files/apps that I haven't used in a while or that is just sticking around. It also helps with fixing small bugs that occur after several updates.
Mostly keeping your file storage clean, dont keep 300 screenshotted images, 300 downloaded images, 40 videos and whatever else. Keep apps to a minimum and keep an eye on background apps and processes.
Regularly clean out unwanted files basically.
Just a simple way to keep your device fairly fresh.
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One of the first things I do is enable Developer mode/options and turn transitions/animations off. To enable Developer mode, go to: Settings > About phone and locate the heading 'Build number' and tap it seven times. When you re-enter Settings, Developer mode will show up as a new menu option. When you select Developer mode, scroll down a bit to find the window animations/transitions area and turn them off. The result is a snappier, more responsive user interface. Live or static wallpaper backgrounds are gone. I simply use a black background and while this may not be very appealing to some, it saves resources that would otherwise be used to power a live wallpaper or static image. Rooting the device is another option, though I don't recommend this as the procedure will likely void the manufacturers' warranty. If that's not a concern, there are apps that will only work with a device that has root access and will remove manufacturer bloatware or system apps for good, thus potentially speeding up your device. As everyone else has suggested, regular 'housekeeping' will keep your S6 running smoothly and at peak performance.
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Keep in mind flagship Android devices these days are much faster and also don't slow down or freeze as often, if it all, compared to earlier Android versions. Just keep unwanted files/caches off the device and you should be fine. Android has matured a lot since the Galaxy Nexus.

Thanks for the replies. I like the idea of a factory reset once per year. I would just copy off my photos/ videos. Reset, then restore the apps from Google ( I might lose some high scores etc). Copy back my music then I am done.
The old Nexus was getting really slow towards the end, freezing some apps. I hope Android continues to keep their OS clean and fast.