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Samsung s6 is stuck on emergency calls only

I got my Samsung s6 two days ago and it has been going in and out of "emergency mode". Today it was working this morning until 8 and now it is constantly on "emergency calls only" even if I restart the phone

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Try removing your sim and putting it back in. It could be slightly off from the proper position causing it to go in and out of service
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Is the screen locked? You can only make emergency s with the screen locked. Did you change your network settings and say use GSM or 2G only? Koodo doesn't have a 2G or GSM network so change it to gsm/wcdma/lte auto
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Hey Jennifer! Did Ahmad or Chad's suggestions help? Keep us posted!
I called a Koodo guy and he suggested Chad's idea and it worked! THanks Chad!
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Awesome! Thank you Chad 🙂