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Samsung s6 edge stock Calgary

Is it just me or is all carriers including koodo has the samsung s6 edge on back order for months. I've been trying to get a new provider and also a new phone however I can't switch until the Samsung S6 edge are in stock

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It's all carriers, Jesse. Not sure if the Edge is more popular than was intended or Samsung is purposely limiting the quantity to create demand. You'll just have to keep calling your nearest Koodo locations to ask if they have stock.
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Samsung has opened up another factory to produce the S6 Edge a few weeks ago so chances are there will all of a sudden be a huge influx of S6 Edge into the market soon. it's just that I'm sure Canada isn't the first country to get them as more become available and Koodo sure as heck aint the first carrier in Canada that will get them when they're available so it could still be some time for Koodo even to get any and then it's a waiting game for your specific store to get them from Koodo's warehouse. I got the regular S6 a few weeks ago from Koodo and it's actually a Telus model with Telus bloatware on it so I'm sure Telus will have to get their stores covered first before Koodo gets any of them. IMO though it's totally worth the wait as the S6 is easily the best phone on the market IMO with its only shortcoming being the sound which isn't the greatest compared to others.
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Yeah, the S6 Edge sold more than Samsung anticipated so it's gonna be a while before they get more on the market (for all carriers). There might be some more on Bell but I know Rogers is struggling a bit too.