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Samsung S6 Edge from Wind not connecting to LTE?

  • 27 July 2015
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I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 from Wind mobile and have recently come to my senses and joined Koodo but for some reason I am not able to connect to LTE. In my manual network selection I only have options for WCDMA and GSM, no options for LTE.  

I went to the Koodo store and they tested the SIM and it connected just fine to LTE on a different device. 

The model # is SM-G925W8 and as far as I can see I should be able to connect to LTE but for whatever reason it is not working. 

Has anyone heard of this or know a solution? So far I have been pushed from Koodo to the manufacturer and back so it has been a little frustrating. Thanks for all your help!

8 replies

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It seems that the model # you provided is lacking the 1700 band for LTE, which might explain why it's not connecting. Koodo uses both 1700 and 2100 for LTE so if there are more towers in your area running 1700, that could be why it's not working there. Also if there's no LTE option in your unit's cellular settings then I don't think it's possible at all unless there's a radio/firmware hack I'm not aware off to unlock it.
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It seems that the model # you provided is lacking the 1700 band for LTE, which might explain why ...I thought this model did have Band 4 LTE for 1700/2100

What model number should I be looking for? Any idea ?

I was just speaking with Samsung and thy seemed to think this model should be compatible with LTE...
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The one thing that I do notice is that while the model number may be the same, WIND's S6 Edge utilizes different PDA/CSC values (firmware versions) to that of Koodo's S6 Edge which might explain the lack of LTE. (Click image to get a better view).

Source: SamMobile http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/da...

Since your WIND S6 Edge has the exact same internals as the Koodo variant, flashing the firmware from Koodo should work without issue and you should have LTE functionality.

By selecting the Koodo firmware file, you'll have the option of choosing between a fast or slow download speed. The file downloads to your computer. If you scroll down the download page, you'll see instructions on how to set up your phone for the firmware flash procedure. There's also a link to download the firmware flashing utility, (Odin v3.10.6).

The process of flashing firmware will wipe the contents of your phone. Mobile data will also re-enable itself, so be sure to turn that off when the phone reboots. There's no worry of voiding the manufacturers' warranty because the firmware images are stock factory images. This procedure can be performed without root access or unlocking the bootloader. I still have to add the disclaimer that you do this at your own risk.
temporary fix is *#272*your IMEI#
pull your imei number with *06#
change sales code to KDO and install
I had the same issue. I came from wind with galaxy s6. I did not do anything and the LTE started working. I am still with Wind firmware. DO you think I should update the firmware to Koodo? The only way is via Odin and I am afraid I might loose my warranty if I do that.

I tried flashing Kodoo firmware, but had no luck connecting to LTE. Did it work for you?