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Samsung S4 Freezes, No Sound, Won't Ring, Can't Play Music

  • 20 February 2016
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My wife and I both have S4 phones bought at the same time and each of them are experiencing issues. (both freeze and don't always ring...)

My phone freezes often and it is incredibly frustrating!
If I answer a call, they can hear me but I can't hear anything... so I have to tell them to call back after I reboot the phone.
When it is in 'locked up/frozen' mode notifications or phone won't ring.
If I try to play music, it may actually work after several reboots and normally ~10 min of screwing around with it.... but it may only play one or two songs before hanging again.

I read about similar issues so I backed up my data, reset my phone to factory settings and restored my backup. I also moved my music from the SD card and unmounted it.  I turned off animations.
No change.... it's crap on a stick. When a $15 mp3 player is more reliable than an expensive phone there's a problem!

4 replies

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I've heard the most problems about Samsung's S3 and S4 models. Then again they sold tens of millions of each, so maybe there's bound to be a few lemons.

If they're under a year old since purchase, they are covered by warranty, and you should take them to your nearest Koodo shop to have them sent out for repair. They will provide loaners if stock is available. If they're over a year old, you should look into selling them and upgrading the devices, as they will be nearing their third year since release and will likely not be receiving any more updates. Let us know if you need some suggestions.
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With Galaxy S3 I had the problem of the phone not ringing and, at the end of the day, I found a bunch of calls on my voice mail, sometimes too late to call back. Now I have a ZenFone 2 and, occasionally, I have the same problem. Do Telus/Koodo have some responsibility in this? And, I forgot, my wife with an iPhone has the same problem, occasionally.
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With Galaxy S3 I had the problem of the phone not ringing and, at the end of the day, I found a b...I was on Telus for a while with a G2, M8, Note 4, G3, M9, and eventually left Telus. I did have some calls go straight to voicemail but it happens with Rogers too. It's just a quirk of cell phone technology. It's not going to be 100% perfect all of the time.

Now if it starts happening too often and becomes bothersome, then you should call Koodo and see if there's something more than meets the eye.
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Hi Torey!

As Jonathan mentioned, if your devices are still under the 1 year warranty, you can have them checked out at a Koodo Shop. 

Is this the case? 

If not you could also contact Samsung directly at this link (http://koo.do/1OrDCef) as they may have a solution for you.

Keep us posted 🙂