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Samsung S2X issues

  • 25 March 2014
  • 3 replies

I have been having issues with my Samsung S2X for the past few weeks, seemingly out of nowhere. 1) I first noticed that the screen would flicker when I scroll down certain applications like Instagram 2) Now every time I press "home" button only the background appears on the phone and then it blinks a few times, seemingly to refresh itself before the widgets show up 3) The phone would freeze randomly 4) Certain text messages don't get sent What should I do? This certainly seems like a global issue with the phone. Maybe it's contracted a virus? I have an Antivirus app however, so unlikely?

3 replies

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1. I chalk that up to it being an older device not being optimized for JB but it does seem to run okay overall. 2. It has 1GB of RAM so if you run too many apps in the background it'll clog up the phone and force the refresh when you press home. Also try Settings, developer options, and go down near the bottom. Make sure the "kill all tasks as soon as I leave them" box is unchecked. I've found that to be unreliable and delay the phone. 3. Similar to #1. 4. Is this with only one person? Do those people have iPhones? Are you trying to send picture messages? Picture messages require data.
Thanks Jonathan! I haven't had any of these issues previously- it seemed to run fine until recently. I don't have any of the developer options checked. And the text messages (just text, no pictures) that weren't sent would be sporadically to different people, all with various phones (the message would say "sending..." instead of delivered).
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Have you installed any apps just prior to this happening? If so try deleting that app and see if it helps. Try installing the app clean master from the playstore and run it to clean up space in the storage and memory, it works wonders on lower spec'd devices. Here's a link the the app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cleanmaster.mguard If nothing else works try doing a factory reset after backing up your personal data a