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Samsung s2X Camera and saving / viewing pics issues

Lost pictures on my Galaxy SIIx camera / or sd card I bought a Samsung S2X beginning of June - LOVING it - however a few days ago my camera was showing it was taking pictures - the shutter would go off and the pic file SEEMED to be going to the gallery - but the pics weren't there. I had a nephew born yesterday and those pics aren't THERE!! 😞 Also some of my other pics were taken and I have VIEWED and even used - will now not show up when I sort through the pics - the mini shot of the photo is on the gallery screen but when you open the actual file the screen stays BLACK. ANYONE??????

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Hi Tammy, are the photos saved on the SD card? If yes, can you read the card on a computer to verify whether the photos are there or not? That way, it will show us if the issue is coming from the SD card. You could also back up the photos on a computer using the USB cord that came with the phone. In case you need to reset the phone, the photos would be saved somewhere 🙂 Keep us updated! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
Yes the photos are saved on the sd card - but they wouldn't show on the camera - when you opened the pictures - but would show as the mini image in the gallery. Some of the images on the sd card which I had sent through email or facebook on Monday were now Scrambled up when you open them - some the the pixels were shifted in the photos, or wouldn't open on the camera. I have now taken OUT the memory card - hoping it is simply a faulty sd card and NOT a faulty phone. Not having issues with pics saved to the phone . We shall see.
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Hey Tammy, If you have an other SD Card you may wanna try it for a while to see if it's any better. If the problem persists, you can give us a call at 1-866-995-6636 and select the 6th option to reach our Tech Support, sometimes restoring a device to factory settings can help to fix that kind of issues. Hope this helps! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
tayeb - I took the memory card out - some of the pics on the card aren't complete - so I think its a memory card issue. ( the pics look partially scrambled or one side of the photo is now showing up on the other side - if that makes sense). I will put a different memory card in shortly. I have also restored the phone to the factory settings. Crossing my fingers this will work.