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Samsung S20 Plus

  • 22 April 2021
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I am looking at upgrading my phone, and looking at the S20 plus as an option. I see online you can only purchase it as certified used. When you click on the link, it states that it is "New" quality. 

Any advice as to what this means? 


Best answer by Sophia 22 April 2021, 02:56

Can you share the link to the phone, Jenny?

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9 replies

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Can you share the link to the phone, Jenny?

Thanks for your reply! 




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Ah I see what you mean :) The “new” means that it is as good as new, probably just that the box has been opened but never been used.. I had a refurbished phone a few times and the quality was absolutely perfect, plus you get a warranty. And you still get the 14 days (or 30 days online) return policy. You can’t go wrong with your choice :)

Thank you so much! 

It's been so long since I have upgraded, it is hard to make a decision as to what one! 

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I'm very fond of Samsung and I love the S and Note series. Especially coming from an older phone, the newer ones are just phenomenal!

Me too! I am definitely an android girl, but a good camera seems is a must have for me. Also don't want to invest over the top either. 

May I ask what you have?

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I have the Note 20 Ultra. I had an iPhone briefly, but like you I am definitely more of an Android girl so that didn't last long 😄

But yeah that is an expensive phone so I'd probably suggest you go for that refurbished one, or get the latest S21.

Before the 20 I used the Note 8 and loved that one too. Now my old Note 4 (I still have it) seems so slow and small!

Edit: if it's a great camera you're after, you might consider the pixel 4a. I think @Mayumi has it and she takes amazing pictures with it. It's very nicely priced too especially when it's on sale.

Thank you! 

I currently have the s9 plus, and its been a good phone, but its starting to have its own issues and quirks 😜

I was looking into the s20  fe, or s20 plus. Looked into a few others, but wasn't sure if it would be a similar experience like having an iPhone. Hard to adjust sometimes to new platforms.  🤣

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Haha yes. With the iPhone I spent days trying to make it behave like Android and suddenly I got smart... Why bother when I can just get an Android instead? 😅

I'm really drooling over the 10x optical zoom on the S21 but it's once again it's a very expensive phone. The S21 takes great pictures too though, as does my current Note.

You might like this site: https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/buying-guides/best-camera-phone