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Samsung S20 compatable with Dexcom?

  • 22 April 2021
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Does anyone know the SM number for the samsung S20 with Koodo? Looking to upgrade to this phone but need to make sure it is compatible with a Dexcom first. Thanks.   

Dexcom website states it is compatible with SM-G980/ SM-G981


Best answer by Allan M 22 April 2021, 05:44

Koodo's uses the Canadian 5G model which is SM-G981W

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Koodo's uses the Canadian 5G model which is SM-G981W

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Since SM-981 is listed under Canada when using the Dexcom compatibility tool, I think it’s safe to assume that the SM-981W is compatible. The letter at the end of the model number is a country designator where “W” represents Canada. The S20 5G runs Android 10 which is what Dexcom’s G5 and G6 mobile apps need in order to function.

To be certain that the S20 5G (SM-981W) is compatible, contact Dexcom’s Customer Service department.