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Would really like to see more cases and accessories for the Samsung Galaxy. Was somewhat disappointed in the fact that I purchased a phone and there were no cases that were available for my particular phone. The retailer commented that the only place to get them was ebay, but I was wanting to purchase something at that moment...please take some time, and send your retailers some great cases! Would rather spend some more cash with Koodo than another source...

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I agree... I remember buying a case for an Acer Liquid and because it wasn't very popular, i had to take a ferry to a store that had it. The times have changed where new phone models are announced and appear every few months. It does make sense for retailers to sell accessories for products that they carry, but, with that said, it's also hard for retailers to use set aside retail space for accessories for every phone and the retailers are the ones that actually make the decisions on which accessories to stock. I've found that Koodo Kiosks are usually the quickest at having accessories available for purchase for Koodo phones.
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Yup, Koodo kiosks have accessories for the phones they sell. I work at Mobile Shop and sometimes getting certain accessories is a hassle. Even if I had full control over my inventory, because I have all 6 carriers, getting cases for all of them would take up an entire kiosk by itself.
I have a s2x and i purchase accessories online. If you live in Toronto, you can find almost all cases in Pacific Mall which is located in Markham/Scarborough. If your not from that area, buying your through amazon is your best bet. Its also cheaper than in store anyway. 😃