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Samsung Note 7 Recall

Do i have an option to get a refund for my Samsung note 7? 

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Not through Koodo. You can certainly try with Samsung, but given the freshness of the news I'm not sure if they have all the answers yet.
Bernard wrote:

Not through Koodo. You can certainly try with Samsung, but given the freshness of the news I'm no...

Koodo used to be a great company with amazing customer service. I have a note 7 with you as well. 
Koodos customer service called me. forced me to agree to bring in my note 7 to a koodo store to replace it. When i got to the koodo store they told me they didn't know what i was talking about and don't deal with any recalls... calling koodo customer service back they again told me to take it into a koodo store... now waiting on samsung to exchange because Koodo is useless. 
there was an incentive for getting the note 7 which was a smart fit watch ... or speaker 250 dollar value... koodo said on a forum they would be getting the note 7 but didn't offer it until after the promotion was over? 
what is wrong with you guys??
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  • TELUS has said it will voluntarily recall its customers' Galaxy Note 7: "Consistent with TELUS' policy of putting customers first, and because our customers' safety is an absolute priority, we have suspended sales of the device across all TELUS corporate, dealer and retail locations, as well as online. We are working closely with Samsung to ensure the replacement experience is as convenient and efficient as possible for our customers."
  • Rogers says that it is going to stop selling the Note 7 immediately and will allow customers to exchange or replace their devices, or get a loaner. "After being notified by Samsung that they have stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7 due to reported safety issues, we immediately suspended shipments and sales of the device in all our stores and through our website. Samsung is working on a replacement program and we'll continue to work with them to ensure the process is seamless for our customers. In the meantime, customers can visit their nearest Rogers store to exchange their Note 7 or get a loaner device."
  • Bell says that it too has suspended sales of the Note 7 and is working with Samsung to help customers exchange devices quickly. "Bell has suspended sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and we are contacting all customers affected by the issue. We're working with Samsung to ensure these customers receive replacement phones as quickly as possible."

here's what we know so far according to androidcentral.com. my co-worker got a notice from Bell saying he could either wait for a replacement or exchange it for a S7 and they will refund him the price difference