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Samsung Note 4 Network Connectivity Issues

My Samsung Note 4 loses network connection when I make a phone call. It gives the error message "network not available". This only happens when I make calls. It happens everywhere including outside. I am always on LTE and always have full bars, and have not experienced any connectivity problems with data. What do I do?

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First of all do the normal phone reboot procedure. This sort of happened to me too. At first, I stopped getting calls and it sort of interrupted my conversations, but after calling Koodo customer service, they just adjusted some things with my connection and boom, now I have no problem at all:) Just give Koodo a call
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Sounds like the beginnings of a SIM Card issue. If rebooting the device, by removal of the battery, doesn't fix your issue you may need to head in and get a replacement SIM Card. They will be able to help diagnose this over the phone, however. (Which may save you a trip) For the heck of it, disable LTE and try making a call. I've noticed a lot of my customers bringing back Samsung S5s with LTE connection issues. Although it sounds unlikely because you have full service. Could be worth a shot though. Hope this helps!
Called customer service and after my call dropping 4 times I think it's fixed. They had me remove my sim card and battery, then reset the connection between the device and cell tower. That seems to have fixed it as I was able to make 2 calls without a problem. Will update again if I have more issues.
I have the same issue, I brought it to samsung for repair.