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Samsung music player issues

I have the Samsung Galaxy s2 X, and the stock music player has started to "pulsate" the audio. Volume seems to spike in 1 - 1.5 second intervals. It's really annoying! Has anyone else experienced this and is there a fix?

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Have you tried any other music players to see if this problem persists between players, or if it is specific to the stock player? I don't have a Galaxy S2, but this would be my first troubleshooting step in trying to diagnose the problem.
I had the same problem on my s2x, I went to the play store and downloaded the google play music app...it's the same music app that was stock on my old nexus s and works with no issues...hope this helps
If you turn the GPS function and the Sync function off on your phone while you listen to your music, it stops your music from "skipping". If it is just the volume, have you tried to change headsets? Maybe its the pair you are using?