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samsung gts7560m not working

My phone has not worked now for 2 days, i tried taking the battrie out and all that, goes into safe mode, texts not sending or receving, backround pic changed, music stoping,and very laggy on the touch screen....going to freak soon, its samsung gts7560m

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Boots in safe mode? Sounds like the recovery menu was accessed somehow. Did your send your phone out for repair? I think a factory reset is in order here...
nope never sent it out at all it just started the other morning i was on the way to work and my music stoped so i restarted and it went into safe mode then i restarted again then everything stoped working...if i factory reset will i lose everything on my phone?
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A factory reset will revert your phone back to the way it came out of the box, emptying all your data from it. Did you recently install an app? It may have caused some system instability and Android went into Safe Mode as a safety feature. I have a feeling it may be this reason. Or, while playing music, a combination of accidental taps/touches sent it to safe mode. Usually though, to exit safe mode, you just do a 1-minute battery pull, then restart. Do you put the battery back in right after you pulled it out? Try waiting a little while, like a minute or so.
i did the factory reset and it seems fine now thank you, mabye i had a virus or somethin g lol
As a fail safe always backup u songs to ur SD card an pic this ways ur only ever loosing ur apps when u do a factory reset .
My same model phone stopped picking up Wifi altogether. I chatted with Samsung & my net provider and did a reboot on the phone. Wifi still not accepting my password or Bestbuys tech or anyones. I bought a new router thinking it might be the prob, my wifes different model Samsung works fine but mine still does not connect.