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Samsung Grand Prime unresponsive

  • 19 January 2016
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Phone is only 1 month old and there is no physical damage (never been dropped and I have a protective case for it). It recently started freezing when I came in from outside and wouldn't work for a few minutes. I thought it was maybe just the cold but the temperature hasn't been that bad here. It looked like the backlight was coming on so I could tell the buttons were working but nothing came up on the touchscreen except a slightly lighter shade of black. Today it's gotten worse so that it doesn't respond at all to touching the home button except after maybe a minute of repeated pressing. I've done a factory reset and that did not help at all. Any ideas?

4 replies

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Hi James,

I'd recommend trying to take the battery out for a few minutes and then putting it back in, see if that helps. If not, bring it in to a Koodo kiosk to send it out for warranty work. They should be able to provide you a loaner phone while your phone is out provided you are a monthly customer. 
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Bring it to your local kiosk and they can send it for repair under warranty.if it's found to have physical damage though then you will have to pay for said repair if you wish to follow through with it.
Yep, I've had similar problems as has a co-worker who also has a Grand Prime. I actually sent mine in for repair and was told the repair people couldn't find a problem (though it happens sporadically so it's possible they just need to fiddle with it longer). The replacement Grand Prime I received just over two weeks ago has also had one incident of the screen becoming unresponsive. Prior to this phone I had a Samsung S3 and never had a single problem. I regret buying this phone...I hate it! Might have to switch to iPhone once my tab is paid off. 
Back up your data and try a factory reset. If it doesn't work, then go to a Koodo Kiosk and they can send it in for repair