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I had my phone repaired after owning for 3 months; brought the phone home and 3 weeks layer, have the same problem. I was told to bring into the Koodos shop again as it has to be sent back back to Samsung. I told the person in the shop and he was quite rude. I want a phone that works and don't have to drive 75 miles each way to get it working.

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What problem are you experiencing?
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What problem are you experiencing?Hey Janet, I believe if you call Kood they can send you a box so you don't have to drive. However, you won't be able to get a temporary phone while yours is being replaced. As for the speaker distortion, is it only with 1 app or 1 file in particular? Do you have the same result when watching a Youtube video that you do when placing a phone call on speaker?
What problem are you experiencing?It sounded like music causing distortion for both of us. Samsung replaced the speakers 3 weeks ago and it happened again. Phone was fully charged. I will not be happy if Damsung just repairs it again, as it is very inconvenient with the distance I have to travel.
What problem are you experiencing?I don't use the phone for utube... just phone. It happened both on and odd Bluetooth. I just spoke to Samsung and if it happens a third time they are going to upgrade my phone and no additional cost. Every electronic item I own is by Samsung, so even though I am a single user, it can impact their image since I am very vocal about the quality of systems I use. Up until this last event, I have had nothing but praise for their products.