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Samsung Galexy s7 $200 trade in - also have $150 tab credit -advice on what to do Please

Samsung galexy s7 $200 trade in - I'm currently with Koodo and in desperate need of a new phone. I also have a positive tab of $150. Wondering if I can use this towards paying off the phone. Looking for any advice and suggestions on what to do. Whether to go with a tab plus/ tab plan or buy the phone out right to avoid a high tab and use my $150 tab credit and the $200 credit together to put towards the s7. Thanks in advance for the advice! Really appreciate it! - Jess

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Why are you trading in an S7 and then buying another S7?
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Absolutely ! It's what the tab is for. You'll be switched to the new tab system. I generally suggest against tab plus personally.bit then you don't get the 200 trade in. What province are you in? Give tab plus a go in QC/SK/MB no hésitation. Compare the cost of the plan to the 200 off the phone on tab plus vs an equivalent tab plan see if it is worth it for you.
I have what's left of an iPhone 4s and I'm looking to get an s7.
I'm in Ontario
Thanks Goran will do!
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I did this about a month ago. Got the S7 for $360 and kept my regular Tab plan. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Great phone and very good price.
I think I'm sold! I'm going to try to get into a Koodo this evening! Thanks Rick!
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jessica wrote:

I think I'm sold! I'm going to try to get into a Koodo this evening! Thanks Rick!

Let us know what you think of it.
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With Tab Plus (with trade in):
$400- $200(trade in credit) - $150 (your Tab) = $50 up front + $21/mo for 24 mo for your Phone.
And you will need to switch to one of tab plus plan start from $69 : unlm minutes and only 1 GB.
your monthly bill will be : $69 + $21 = $90/mo for next 24 mo. again you only get 1 GB.

With Tab:
$544 - $150(your tab) = $394 upfront + $15/mo for 24 mon for your phone
And you can keep your plan.
Your monthly bill will be : your plan price + $15/mo.

You can save $200 with trade in, but is it worth at the end?
I'll compare the price and what you will get -minutes and data.