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Samsung Galaxy SII X vs Samsung Galaxy Ace II

For first time smart phone users which would be recommended Samsung Galaxy SII X or Samsung Galaxy Ace II? (Also for ease of portability in women's jeans.)

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S2X significantly better & still portable.
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Well the Ace II X is smaller (so it'll fit the jeans better that way). The S II X beats it in pretty much everything though. One is meant to be entry level used more for phoning/texting and some light app/data usage. The other one is meant to be used more thoroughly. It really depends more on what you plan on doing on the phone.
Like Jorden said, the Ace IIx is a little smaller but then again, the S2x is only 1 centimeter smaller so it s not a huge difference, half a centimeter wider, and it s actually a centimeter thinner than the Ace 2x, so that s to take into consideration. Other than that, they re not comparable anymore the S2x is a much, much better phone That 100$ will be well spent imo, especially to avoid dealing with the frustration of what could be a slow phone.
I can not get the light off at the back of the phone. Please HELP