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Samsung Galaxy SII X, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

In your opinion would it be worth spending more then 300$ more then an S2X to get a galaxy s3 or galaxy note 2? I just lost/ got my phone stolen (Galaxy S2 😵 and koodo wont do anything about it (very frustrating only had it for 2 months). I dont know if i should buy a new s2x an s3 or a note 2. In my experience with my s2x it lagged quite a bit, apps would crash, keyboard lagged, and battery life was really bad (only about 8 hours) So what do you guys think about these phones? and why doesn't koodo offer the galaxy s3 in white!? Also does the S3 have a notification light? Thanks.

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Good afternoon Ladon, Sorry to hear you lost your phone. Unfortyunately, yeah Koodo can't do anything (neither do other carriers). Perhaps if you call them & calmly explain the situation telling them you'd like to get the S3 they might hook you up with a little something, Try reaching their "Retension" department. As for which phone should be your next one ... I'd say get the S3 if you can afford the price it's definitely significantly better...and I'm not a fan of the Note 2's size. And yes the S3 does have LED Notifications. After you get it, I'd recommend you immediately purchase an App named "PhoneLocator Pro" - it saved my Nexus S when it was stolen a couple years ago, best 5$ ever spent! In a nutshell I got his SIM info, his picture & it's GPS location. I went there, locked him out & forced an embaressing ringtone at full volume then proceeded to retrieve my phone. He learned the power of Android! Or...you might want to consider purchasing the Nexus 4 from the Google Play Store. After taxes & shipping the 16GB version is 400$ unlocked. It's the one I'm currently using & love it.
The Galaxy S3 is amazing, if you don't want to purchase a phone finder app, it comes with one built into the phone if you sign up for Samsung Dive. It's a special Samsung Account that allows you to remotely control and locate your phone. Yeah I know it's an oddly named application that Samsung has created but it isn't the first time they've given weird names to things. Samsungdive.com I love the Samsung GS3, the size is perfect, but if you like to draw the Note 2 is better for that sort of thing since it utilizes both capacitive touch and a pinpoint capacitive stylus. Both phones show promising battery life, you'll get through the day with two email accounts on push, LTE on, Brightness on Auto. Both devices are incredibly light and durable with Corning Gorilla Glass2. They have great cameras, instant shutter without lag time and I love how smooth and fluid the software feels, this phone has never froze on me. Both devices have a notification light. It's really dependent on size. The Note2 does have a lower Dot Per Inch compared to the GS3. I took this photo on Family Day, hanging out with friends at a bonfire and surprisingly the low light sensor on this phone is amazing.

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The Galaxy S3 is amazing, if you don't want to purchase a phone finder app, it comes with one bui...

I love how this turned out. Especially the city lights in the background.
note 2 ftw .
I'd say Samsung Galaxy S3 if you can afford it because it's better than the S2X and the Samsung Note 2 is big. I have the S3 and I love it.
the S2X is a good phone if you tweek and root it. but go for the S3 if you have the money. The note 2 is nice and powerful, but large.
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If you have the money definitely go with the Note 2. I've had many devices & always found something I didn't like about every one, until I got the Note 2. It does everything anyone could want a smartphone to do & much more with the awesome S-Pen features. It's quad core processor is a powerhouse & doesn't lag at all, I mean at all. It's a excellent choice if you don't have a tablet because it is so lage which also makes it the best phone for typing, watching videos & surfing the Web. I got rid of my 10.1" tablet when I got my original Galaxy Note because it just sat there collecting dust lol. Many say it's too big but if you have big hands like me then it's like a normal 4.7" phone to average sized ppl. If you don't have large hands and don't care about the S-Pen or features like the split screen where you can run 2 apps simultaneously then the Galaxy S3 is a great phone also. Oh and the battery life on the Galaxy Note 2 is unmatched by all other. I I'm getting 10-14hrs of continuous non stop use with the display set at just over half brightness. speaking of the display, it's much brighter & looks much better on the Note 2 than the GS3. If you do get the Note 2 your best to go with an unlocked international model from somewhere like Expansys or Newegg as you will get updates way ahead of anyone with a carrier branded model. I've got 4.1.2 about a month ago & had 4 stability & other updates since then where the carrier branded model has only received 1 update since it's release. Grab a unlocked international model from the online retailers I mentioned above and just pop in your SIM Card and away you go enjoying Koodos excellent service & prices on what most consider the best phone ever Built. (Most mobile dedicated sites use the Note 2 as their everyday device & they get to try out all the latest and greatest devices, so that kind of speaks for the device Id say.)