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Samsung galaxy S8 texting issues

So i recently upgraded to the Galaxy S8 like a week ago, the phone is awesome so far except once every two days or so I have to restart my phone because I can no longer receive texts or calls from anyone I can still send them out and call out but nothing incoming. I've tried to research the issue myself but only thing I can find is, if the sim card was in an iPhone before you upgraded to the s8 you need to go back on iPhone and disable iMessage this is not my case as I upgraded from a Nexus 6P (Android). The other one I found was if the person is trying to message you from iPhone but I only have one friend who is on iPhone the rest are Android and we have experienced any additional issues outside of the one that I stated first which is no incoming texts or calls.

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Hello Jared,

I think that with a ll tho troubleshooting you did, your best bet is to call Koodo. I can't think of anything else to suggest!
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Hi Jared, it's a long shot but have you tried taking out the SIM Card and re seating it. When you can't send or recieve texts do you have any bars of reception? Try going into your settings and searching for networks and then manually choosing Koodo. Also make sure LTE is enabled in network types I know my messages wouldn't send a little while ago unless it connected to LTE for some odd reason.
I have tried reseating the sim card and I also shut the phone off at the same time to do a reset, you could be on to something with the LTE, though I don't get LTE in my apartment and I can still receive texts it just seems to be at random it stops working, I was told by someone it could be a network issue on koodo's side
So quick update, my buddy text me this morning and I didn't get it while on WiFi as soon as I shut WiFi off and went on LTE I got the text message which was nearly 2 hours later so I think Paul is right about it needing to be on LTE