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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SILVER

Will Koodo sell the S7 Edge Silver model? Because im seriously considering to buy it but at this point no canadian carrier seems to offer this model?

If koodo doesnt plan on selling the model, does T-mobile unlocked phone work on koodo canadian line? Because this american carrier offers the S7 Edge in sylver and ill probably go to the USA this summer?

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Yes the T Mobile version will work. I wish we would stop getting the shaft on new phone releases. We always sacrifice colors, storage capacities, or even entire models.
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Telus is carrying the Galaxy S7 Edge in Silver just switch to them like many others are doing to get something other than the boring black Koodo always carries because of their flawed reasoning of black phones selling better.

From what I can see online, Telus offers the s7 edge only in black too.