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Samsung Galaxy S6 Offering?

Any word on Koodo offering the Samsung S6? And if so will the S5 become cheaper right away? Does Koodo every offer a brand new model on or close to the release of the phone date or is it always months after the global release typically? I believe March 1, 2015 is the release for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and if not then early April for sure within Canada is what I am reading.

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Well, we should at least see when Samsuns decides to release it. Usually, they get it right away. They did it with the iPHone 6, why note the S6? When it's going to be available in Canada, Koodo will surely have it in same time as the other big 3
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March 1st is the announcement date of the S6 not the release date. Samsung in the past have release the phone a couple weeks to a month after they announce the product
April 10th is the release date for the S6 and S6 edge
Not bad. thanks for the info