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Samsung Galaxy S6

Why does Koodo have the Samsung Galaxy S6 for $0 on the Tab Large, and $500 for the Canada wide Tab, it doesn't add up. 
Tab large customers will pay $21 for 24 months = $504, and Tab Large customers will pay $500 + $15*24 = $860 for the same device.
Fido and Virgin have it for $144 on the lower tier plan, fix up your prices Koodo

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I'm guessing it's because they make up the money on the amount you overpay for the large tab plan and data overages. I'd think they're trying to make the phone on the large tab more attractive to those who don't think about the total they'll end up paying in service bills each month to get that cheaper or "free" phone.
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Hey Lekan! Just to clarify, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is at $400 on a regular Tab, which brings the total price of the phone to $760. The outright purchase price of the S6 is also $760, and we provide a $256 activation credit when the phone is taken on the Tab Plus which brings it to being  $0 on a Tab Plus 🙂.
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Keep in mind that Tab Plus requires a Tab Plus plan in addition to the $21 Tab charge, which may end up being similar or more expensive than the regular Tab option. Depending on your usage, it may be more economical to take the regular option.