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Samsung Galaxy S5 "unregistered Sim Card Emergency Only" Issue

Samsung Galaxy S5 "unregistered Sim Card Emergency only" is all im getting it worked fine from christmas to now and then randomly started. The Phone wasn't dropped no water damage no nothing. Just turned it back on and nothing, I've tried changed the network settings and restarting nothing, Put the sim in my old phone and it worked again. So Is it my phone or is it something else?

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If the sim worked in your old phone and not in the new one then it's your phone bro. Make sure the network is set to WCDMA/LTE
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So you got your phone for christmas? Then you should be able to return the phone and get another S5 if trying other things (changing settings, etc) doesn't work.
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First thing to try is powering down your device and removing the battery if possible. Wait a minute and then reinstall the battery. Restart your device. Didn't work? Check and be sure you're not in Airplane or Flight Mode. Still not working? Navigate to your settings and mobile network settings. Be sure that: Network Selection is set to Automatic USE 2G Only or USE GSM ONLY isn't selected Network type typically should be "GSM\WCDMA PREFERRED" Still not working? Change NETWORK SELECTION to Manual The device will perform a scan which could take up to 2 minutes. You'll be presented with a list of available networks. Choose Koodo or Telus from this list.Note: Doing this disables international roaming. Should you ever want to roam in the future you'll need to change this setting back to automatic If your device still isn't working, check and be sure your bill is paid up and then give Tech support a call. It's free.