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Samsung Galaxy S5

  • 23 April 2014
  • 3 replies

I try to change my phone and I asked for a Samsung Galaxy S5. I live in Edmonton and I tried in West Edmonton Mall and they keep telling me they don't have this device in stock. Why do you say you offer SGS5? I really think about leaving Kodoo...

3 replies

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It's like a big video game release. Stock is sometimes hard to find for a while. Samsung (or Apple, HTC etc.) only provide a limited amount of each phone to Canada and then it gets divvied up to the carriers and then their retail partners. Stores can't just order whatever they feel like because it's called "on allocation" generally for the first 90 days otherwise we'd have like 10 of each phone for each carrier for the Mobile Shop. You'll have to keep calling around until you get one.
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It's like when a grocery store offers a certain brand of chips but your specific flavour is out of stock that day/week. It's a very high demand phone, by many carriers so you experience will most likely be similar at another carrier anyways
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Try calling the one at City Centre Mall. I cant guarantee they have stock but the service I receive there was always the best