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Samsung Galaxy S4 Lite available in Koodo?

Wondering if the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE is available in any of the Koodo plans offered. Also is it 4G? Thanks for any info you can give.

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Yes you can get it with any plans. However if you get the tab large subsidy it must be on a tab large plan. However the best bang for your buck is tab M Yes it has 4G capabilities
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Not sure if S4 Lite is the same as S4 mini (the following answer is about the S4 mini) the Samsung S4 mini is no longer offered through koodomobile.com, (even though some stores may still sell it as a Koodo phone (they would usually do this until their stocks are gone). S4 mini is LTE and 4G. You may not be able to get LTE service in your area as it is currently only offered in major cities, but the phone will always try to get the strongest connection. So if LTE is available in your city but the 4G connection is stronger, than it will connect with 4G.
Thanks so much Denis and Dave for your help. Your information is very comforting and sets our minds at ease. Again thanks. Have a great evening. Jan.