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Samsung Galaxy S4 - Has anyone installed the latest update Android 4.4.2?

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Has anyone installed the latest update Android 4.4.2? Currently, I am updating from 4.3 to 4.4.2 as I checked the "Software Update". Strange, it does not auto update when it is available to update.

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Samsung may be using a staggered update schedule so it can stop the update in case something is broken so it doesn't impact everyone with an S4 Just be patient and you'll get it or if you can't wait you can download and install the firmware by visiting sammobile.com My wife's update showed up yesterday afternoon.
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You have to check off the option in the settings to have the phone auto update if you wish to have it do so. I updated yesterday as well. You won't see much difference between 4.3 and 4.4 visually other than the status bar changing to the kit Kat white and finally losing the ugly green battery icon. The first time you open the camera after the update it will take a minute or two to update the camera software so you might want to open the camera app and let it's do its thing so you don't happen to do it later and possibly miss a chance at a photo. The low light shots seem to have been improved slightly with the update which is a welcome thing. The phone runs smoother after the update as well. If you were running flash before on the phone you will have to hunt down the modified version that works with 4.4 as the regular flash player you would have sideloaded to work on Jellybean will not work on kit Kat.
I loved green battery icon.This white is ugly for me.