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Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life

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What's the best way to improve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S4? I've turned off the GPS, bluetooth, and only have the WiFi on when at home or work.

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Change your settings so that software updates and playstore updates are done manually And/or over wifi only
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Hi Andrew, The best way I found to boost my battery performance on my S4 is to do a factory reset, especially after a few updates. Before I do a reset,my battery would be at 20% after 4 hours and after a reset its at 50% after 8. It is inconvenient as you loose all the data the phone had, but the gained battery life is totally worth it.
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Another factor worth considering is the age of the battery. The S4 has been around for two years. If the phone was purchased a year ago or just last week, the answer to this question could vary. Over time, batteries will lose their ability to hold a charge. If you find yourself having to charge the phones' battery at a more frequent rate or that the battery rapidly loses its charge between charges, the battery will need to be replaced. On the other hand, if this is a relatively new phone, the suggestions that Ahmad and Mathieu have provided should work well. Keep in mind that after a factory reset, mobile data will automatically re-enable itself, make sure to turn it off. Lowering the brightness level manually and adjusting the 'screen on time' in standby to one minute are a few other ways to conserve battery.