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Samsung Galaxy S4 and Plans.

Why is Samsung Galaxy S4 for $725 now? I was going to upgrade my phone but they increased the price by $100 for no reason and they even increased the price for the plans.The only reason I switched to Koodo from Fido was because of the cheap plans but now Koodo has even more expensive plans then Fido. You can get double the minutes and triple the date from Fido's $39 plan compared to Koodo's $40 plan. There is no benefit in being a Koodo customer any more, The no contract really doesn't matter because the Koodo tab actually takes more then 2 years to clear off so its the same as a 2 year contract.

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Any upgrades made after Sunday, July 14th will have their tab balances cleared after 2 years.
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Everyone seems to be increasing prices. Virgin last week and rumour has it fido will as well. You don't lose your plan either. Koodo had the same exact plan as Fido if you got it keep it. And now you can put more on the tab as well. It doesn't seem to make much sense if you already have a good plan.
They raised both the device off-contract price and the plan rice, in return you get bigger subsidy upfront and they will clear any remaining subsidy after 24 months. In the end you'll pay more for your S4 under the new tab system, even if you stay the full 24 months AND you will most likely pay more on your monthly plan bill too. If you cancel earlier than 24 months period you will pay WAY more for your device If you are not on koodo's previous plan then seriously don't bother getting anything from koodo
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If they were to lower the price to what it was. I would go in next day and buy one!