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samsung galaxy s4

hello im just wondering are you guys going to have the samsung galaxy s4 when it comes out in canada?!

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Koodo doesn't typically release that type of thing here. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for that.
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They won't comment on future device they may or may not carry. Keep an eye on Facebook, that's where they will make announcements. You still have a long time to wait anyways as its not going to be released till around May. What makes you want a device you don't know what it looks like or the specs of or anything at all?
I know you're probably as excited as I am to see what Samsung is releasing as their next flagship device. They've been pushing out better and better phones all the time, so there's no reason to doubt it'll have features above and beyond the S3. Sadly, it will probably take a while for it to filter to Koodo as it will be a high end device when launched, and they don't jump on that sort of device right on the get-go. It took a while to get the S3, so you can probably expect a wait before the S4 comes to Koodo after the official launch to market. Watch Facebook, or if you don't have Facebook, their website for the announcement.