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Samsung Galaxy S4?

Will Koodo carry the Samsung Galaxy 4S? I am thinking of getting it (my first phone in 10 years) but I'll go with another carrier if Koodo doesn't get it quickly. Or, would you be able to bring an unlocked S4 to Koodo and sign up?

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As posted on your other post: They just got the S3. If they get the S4, it will likely take a while. Speculation on my part though. You can always bring an unlocked phone to Koodo, so that option is always open to you. You'll also qualify for a 10% bring your own phone discount if you do.
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I am aware that there are rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be coming out soon but nothing is official I believe. But nevertheless, Koodo cannot announce what phones they will be carrying until a few days beforehand. Like Koodo's Facebook Page for all official updates such as phone releases.
The Samsung Galaxy SIV was just confirmed for Koodo!! 🙂