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Samsung Galaxy S3 working slow.

I have a newer Samsung Galaxy S3 and it takes awhile for the phone to start ringing when i call people, it takes awhile for my phone to start charging when I plug the charger in. And the phone sometimes does not ring when people call, or the person that calls me hears voices like a pocket dial but It does not ring on my phone and it does not register as a call in the logs. But the person called me. Anyone had similar problems and any suggestions of how to fix it.

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You could try a factory reset. It will clear out any fragmentation and wipe out any rogue apps that may be causing abnormal CPU drain. However, the S III is an older device. If everything doesn't seem "fast enough", it's still a capable smartphone but it's just not going to perform at the same level as a newer/more powerful model.
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Hello Ben,

Here are some tricks that may help: http://koo.do/1zQH0cd. Don't forget to back up your personal data before factory resetting your device!

Let us know if this helped!