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samsung galaxy S3 wont charge

  • 7 November 2014
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My samsung galaxy S3 has been a pronlem since the first day that I got it. I got it in February and its never held a charge the charger I got with it never worked at all bought another charger it worked for a day than quit working. They are saying that the charger port is bent and not sure if they can fix it does thst mean thst they should give me a new phone

5 replies

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If the charging port is bent, that means the contacts themselves have been damaged. This would be called physical damage and would void your warranty. At this point you'd be looking at a repair through Koodo or a 3rd party service. Otherwise, you could look at an upgrade, but your tab is probably still around the -150 mark. I would look at a repair first and see what they might charge you. Head into one of the larger corporate locations to get a proper idea of what that might entail. Good luck!
My tab is at 13 dollars
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Then take a look at the repair cost, but definitely consider an upgrade! S4's, S5's, Note's and Nexus' (Nexii?) are all available at great prices. The S3 is a solid device. Pretty dependable model. So a repair would not be frowned upon. But an upgrade does have some serious advantages to it.
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Curious why if there was an issue with the phone from day one why you didn't just bring it back to the Koodo kiosk you purchased it from within the 15 day return /exchange period?
This exact same situation happened to me. I bought my phone the end of January and just last week somehow damaged the usb port. Took the phone to a local repair shop who could not repair as he said with this model of phone the usb is sautered to the motherboard. I bought a battery charger and it works so-so but it's a pain to have to open the phone a couple times a day to charge and I can never get the charge to 100%. Bought a wireless charging mat thinking that would solve the problem but for the s3 they neglected to state in the product write up on Amazon that the special charging case has an insert to the usb port. So that doesn't work either!!!! Between the battery charger and the wireless mat in have spent over $100 and I owe approximately $150 on my tab. I think I'm just going to go back and buy another phone and pay the difference. I feel your pain. This sucks!