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Samsung galaxy s3 screen repair

My phone was dropped by a friend of mine and now has 3-4 cracks on the screen. Its not a lot and theyre not big but i want to get it fixed, how much would it be to get fixed?

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You'd have to take it to your local Koodo kiosk and have them send it away for repair and before they repair it they will contact you with and estimate of how much it's going to cost to repair. At that time you can decide to go through with the repair or have it sent back un-repaired. The average cost of a screen repair is $150 so it might be better to get a new phone.
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How much is left on your current tab? You might want to consider what Paul said and get a new phone with a new tab. Just a note about the tab though, you will be added a tab charge on top of your existing plan.

The S3 is quite outdated and honestly, not that great of a phone anymore. You can try this nifty little tool to decide what kind of new phone you would like:
I've read online somewhere that TCAWireless solves the Samsung screen issues. I'm not sure how much it will cost.
You can search and buy a replacement screen for under $10 including shipping on Amazon Canada. I did this and installed the new screen in under 20 minutes. It's not hard to do and will save you from buying a new phone.