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Samsung Galaxy s3 problem fixed?

I don't currently own the phone but I am hoping to go buy it today, but I read some reviews saying that's calls would t be made and the phone would randomly reboot, I was just wondering if this problem has been fixed. Please don't suggest a different phone because I am on a tight budget and I like the looks of the S3.

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Some S3's exhibited this problem after upgrading to KitKat while other S3's functioned normally and were completely devoid of the problem. If you're buying the S3 from Koodo and the problem pops up, you have 15 days from date of purchase to return the device.
I have an S3
this phone was great until the kitkat update
my phone restarts all the time
its slow
the battery take 8 hours to charge if it charges at all. Have had it on the charger all night and day and its been stuck between 42 and 45%
The battery drains really quickly. I even bought a new battery and while its slowed down the drain rate it still drains faster than it should

I am getting extremely aggitated. Especially since Smsung wont reply to my questions of if they are going to fix it or not...

My bf has the same phone however and he is not negatively affected by the update...

Thinking about getting a different brand once i get to upgrade this phone....

Not worth the hassel if samsung doesnt care to fix the problems for their loyal customers...
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sabrina yff wrote:

I have an S3
this phone was great until the kitkat update
my phone restarts all the time

There are many reasons as to why the battery may be draining faster than normal. 1. Screen brightness slider is set to the highest setting 2. Screen timeout set to more than two minutes or off 3. Background apps may be hogging battery power 4. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Location Services may be enabled When you least use your phone, either power off the device completely or put the phone in Airplane mode and connect the charger. This will condition the battery to accept a full charge. Do this once or twice a month and monitor the battery level. To find out which apps are consuming the most power go to: Settings > Battery and scroll through the apps to see which ones are consuming the most power. In some cases, you can either uninstall or disable the app. System apps cannot be deleted. If the problem persists and as a last resort, try a factory reset (go to: Settings > Backup and reset). Before going ahead with the factory reset, verify that you have an active 'Backup account' (e.g.@gmail.com). Make sure that 'Back up my data' and 'Automatic restore' are both check marked. You'll lose all of your saved data, so backup what you want to keep (e.g. pictures, music, etc.). Performing a factory reset will rid your phone of any faulty apps that may have been using more power than needed.
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The problem is that the S3 is almost 3 years old at this point and it won't really receive any further updates. They would rather have you upgrade your phone than try and fix an old one. iPhones have the same problem; iOS 7 doesn't run well on iPhone 4S and iOS 8 has some issues too. The old hardware can't support the requirements of the newer software.