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Samsung Galaxy S3 external speaker not working

The speaker on my Galaxy S3 stopped working. Sound is turned on. It was working fine two days ago and then while listening to a video .. not loud .. it just stopped working. Headphone jack still works fine. I have pulled battery and let it sit overnight. No change. Any ideas? My next plan is to factory reset and hope it fixes itself .. otherwise bad speaker? Phone is 3 days over 1 year purchase date. Thanks

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Sorry dude, Sounds like its broken. my S3 went dead just out of nowhere last year so it happens, at least headphone jack still works...
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Hi Bill, you could try a factory reset indeed but don't forget to backup your phone first. If it doesn't help, and since the phone is still working, you could keep using it on vibrate mode and use the headphones for music/videos. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
It got more strange. As suddenly as the speaker stopped working ... it started working again this weekend! I am baffled. I didn't do anything different to it. In fact I had ordered a new speaker and was reserved to the fact that it was pooched and I may not have sound on the phone anymore. Oh well. Happy for now but baffled what made it happen .. and what repaired the problem.
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Swipe down to get notifications, you will see a sound menu button. Toggles, sound, vibrate and mute. I've had my phone go bonkers just putting it into my pocket with screen side towards me. Seems body heat & friction being interpreted as a swipe and tap. All's well that ends well. Other alternative might have been a bluetooth earbud.