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Samsung Galaxy S2X Issues

Hey guys, I've been having some issues with my Samsung Galaxy S2X (SGH-T989D). It might have been when I unintentionally uninstalled something with Gmail. Right after I had done that, I kept receiving popups saying that Gmail had stopped responding. At first I thought it was nothing, and because I never used Gmail on my phone, I could care less about it crashing. Then the popups started to happen more and more often. Then one day, out of the blue, I couldn't get any cell service. At the time, I thought it was because I was in a dead zone, for I was working on an Island with no cell towers, and I thought it was fine. Then when I had gotten back into service, I checked my phone again, and the same thing. No service and the stupid gmail popups were there. Searching online, I found that Samsung Kies would be able to help, with reinstalling the software, but Kies wouldn't recognize my device. Then my phone started to crash. It would go into a boot loop, where I would only have control over the screen for a few seconds to a minute, before it would crash and reboot. I searched online for how to reset to factory settings and I did it, only to have the problem where it would have no service and then crash and reboot. So far I've tried the data/factory reset and also wiping cache partition. Kies and Kies Light haven't been able to recognize the device, even though they say the S2X is supported. Any suggestions/ ideas, or would it be better just to get a new phone? The warranty expired a few months ago, before any of this happened at all.

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If the factory reset didn't fix the Gmail crash issue. You may want to look at the Samsung website for ways to push the original firmware toyour device via Odin
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I've written an article or two on how to get the original firmware for the S2x from SamMobile. You must register first in order to download the stock firmware for your S2x. Registration is free and so is the firmware download. Use Odin to flash the firmware over to your S2x. http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/