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Samsung Galaxy S2X help please?

Hey Kodoo Community I have a few questions that Could use your expertise in regards to my Galaxy S2X. I have had a hard time getting the answers I need by just looking it up. 1. How do I backup/sync my phone? Does this mean connecting it via USB to my desktop computer or do I just press sync on my device? I have never done this so please be specific. 2. How do I update my phone? I would like to have jellybean? 3. What is this Kies I've been reading/hearing about 4. How do I move icons/apps to my home screens? 5. How do I turn off network and use wifi only? Just got wifi at home today Thanks in advance for all your help Kate 🙂

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The answer to questions 1-3 is here: http://www.samsung.com/ca/support/usefulsoftware/KIES/JSP for question 4, find the app in question in your apps list, tap and hold, then drag it to whichever screen you want it on. to connect to wifi, tap settings->wifi, select your network and enter the password if you have one. The phone will automatically use wifi instead of 3G data whenever connected to wifi.
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1. Connect your device via USB and transfer files, etc. 2. Not completely sure about that. I do believe you can update your S2X through the samsung website. 3. Kies is like iTunes for iPhone. It's basically a software where you can organize your files and music. 4. You tap and hold, and then drag. 5. You can go to settings and select the WiFi option.
Thanks Timo and John