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Samsung Galaxy s2x availability

I'm currently on a plan with Rogers, and have to wait 6 months before my contract expires and I can switch. I really want to get the Samsung Galaxy S II X with Koodo, but I'm concerned it won't be available when the time comes for me to switch carriers. I understand no one can give me a definite answer on this, but can anyone give me an estimate on how long Koodo will be supporting this particular phone? Or is it completely unknown?

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At this point I would have to say it is completely unknown.
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At this point I would have to say it is completely unknown.Even if Koodo Galaxy s2x is going to be discontinued by Koodo, you'll have big chance to find it on Kijjiji/Ebay or from friends.
At this point I would have to say it is completely unknown.the S2 is one of the best seller (300$ Regular price)... and the refurbish version is very popular too. I'm pretty sure they will discontinue the Ace, L3, ONE V before. If you see the regular price goes to 200$-150$ I think you can go run to the store. hahaha
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Just for an FYI I have noticed that we have had very low stock on the sIIx, we have only had a couple coming in here and there. I probably wouldn't recommend waiting too long. Even though the price is still higher we are concerned at our store that it is going to become discontinued because we have had it for awhile. I agree with Alex on the Ace, L3 and One V leaving first though so maybe watch for that.
Thanks for your help, it's reassuring! I probably won't wait much longer anyways, as my current phone doesn't even turn on.