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Samsung Galaxy S2 freezes

Hi, I have been using Samsung Galaxy S2 from last 6 months. But now a days it gets really hot while talking and also it freezes so frequently. Does any one else face this issue? The heating problem is of less concern but the constant freezing is really bothering me. Any quick fix to the solution?

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If you dont know to do so try closing all running apps in the background and deleting any extra unnescarry text messages try to free up any extra un needed space on your phone. The more apps running the more the phone is thinking just like a computer have too much on the go for too long at a time can wear it out.
Thanks, i already did a hard reset. Lets see if it gets better. If it doesnt, i am going to give it to customer service..
Consider going back to ICS, http://www.sammobile.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11800