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Samsung Galaxy S III doesn't connect to LTE

After return to default setting Samsung Galaxy S III doesn't connect to LTE

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check this link http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/3g_4g_lte_problem_on_samsung_galaxy_s3_sgh_t999v
My question is different.My phone already worked with LTE. But (I don't know why?) the battery was discharging during 5-6 hours. My friends advised me to return to default setting.After reset the battery works 2 days but when I try to connect to LTE net the phone doesn't connecting to it.
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In that case you can set the APN to the apn mentioned here http://mobilemasters.koodomobile.com/tag/apn-settings/ Also the reason battery was discharging so fast was because your phone was connected to lte! lte drains battery like crazy! I suggest not using lte if you want to save battery 🙂